We connect supply and demand in the world of Home appliances and HAVE SPENT more than 40 years guiding our customers to market with full efficiency


Founded in 1981, MARES is a solid international group operating in the home appliances sector offering services tailored to match the needs of individual customers and projects.

MARES was created from the idea of allowing any company, large or small, to conduct their business successfully in a simple, efficient and organized manner

Our reputation has grown steadily through time due to our integrity, efficiency, punctuality, and skills in negotiating optimal terms in all situations.

These qualities explain why MARES has worked for over 200 customers worldwide through more than 40 years of operations, providing tailor-made services to promote business growth and success on international markets, promoting synergies and know-how among the companies that have entrusted us with their business.

Key factors that make MARES an outstanding player in our field:

in-depth knowledge of markets

absolute transparency in relationships

attention to customers and the market

integrity, reliability and efficiency

maximum confidentiality

Whether you’re seeking a partner to outsource new product research or specific operating
activities, or are focused on optimizing production quality control, MARES is your ideal partner.

We can find the right products from reliable sources, with the highest quality standards and at the best possible prices.


We have been working with our customers for over 40 years thanks to the attention we devote to every aspect of their projects with our customized services to improve competitiveness, sales and margins.

product research and analysis​

supplier selection


technical documentation

quality control


after-sales service


MARES adopts a 360-degree approach, operating through a network of agents, distributors, customers and manufacturers located throughout Europe and Asia.
Thanks to the established reputation, we can count on a vast network of companies and professionals.

Based in Europe and Asia, our team is made up of highly professional and skilled people who bring together all the expertise needed to help companies in the development and constant growth of their business.

Find out what drives our business style, how we operate and how we provide dedicated services.


With the intuition of a player that can predict market developments, MARES presents a unique collection of products and brands.

Always the same but forever new and diverse.
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